Mrs Jones' Challenges for Reception

Harry and The Dinosaurs go on Holiday

Have a listen to the story. Over the Summer holidays, can you try to make up your own version of the story? Where would you go on holiday? What might you see there? What might you do there? Who would you visit? What animals are there? How would you get there? What would you pack in your suitcase? Do a little project to find out about it and send it in to me at You could record yourself reading your story or post your pictures on the school blog.

More sentences!

More sentence reading

Can you read sentences?


We've been reading dinosaur sentences today!

Volcano fun

We learned about volcanoes as part of Spanish week. Here we made our own erupting volcano. Have a go at making your own by going to :

The number bond song

Have a go at learning your number bonds with this wonderful song that a friend of mine taught me. Try to use your fingers to count along. You could even send me a film of you singing it at

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